Professional Services at BCC Distribution

At BCC Distribution, we are unique. We offer comprehensive professional services for end-to-end barcoding and RFID solutions. From analysis and design to development, implementation, testing, training, and support, we are a trusted name for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution for a number of industries. Our professional services include SAP-integrated software solutions, SAP-certified technical services for both software, equipment and connectivity, and a range of technical services to deliver experienced industry knowledge and diverse market expertise for our clients. 

We believe in providing SAP-certified professional services so we can best help our clients achieve their targets and goals. Instead of trying to coordinate with other third parties for hardware, software, repairs, and knowledge, our in-house experts can help you with anything you need for a successful SAP RF scanning, barcode printing or RFID system integration.

Expert Guidance for Successful User Adoption and Productivity Gains.

Professional Technical Services

When your organization chooses BCC Distribution, our services extend past our SAP-integrated software and barcoding hardware solutions. At BCC Distribution, we offer a number of professional technical services. Our professional technical services include consulting, hardware staging, optimized SAP software analysis and design, software development, project management, implementation, support, testing and skill transfer training. 

Our professional technical services enhance all of our deliverables to match your exact business process requirements and industry-specific SAP software requirements. At BCC Distribution, our comprehensive SAP barcoding solutions include the real-world experience and expert knowledge needed for successful SAP integration and user adoption for your warehouse operations.

Gap Analysis and Design [Blueprinting]

For every SAP software project we implement, large or small, we begin each project with a gap analysis, design, and a comprehensive blueprint deliverable. This allows us and your company to agree on which SAP transactions, movement types, feature, functionality, equipment, and services, that will be defined, included, and guaranteed in your BCC Distribution deliverable. We configure, enhance, develop, and implement the SAP barcoding solution according to your exact specifications and requirements. We guarantee that our deliverables will include the designed functionalities that BCC Distribution and your organization has defined in the blueprint.

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Technical Consulting Services

BCC Distribution offers a number of consulting services for any client or industry interested. We can offer expert suggestions and recommendations for any manufacturing, warehousing, or distribution need that leverage SAP ERP software, barcode scanners, barcode printers, RFID technology, and more. Companies desire an industry expert with SAP software and logistics knowledge, to include diverse experience with barcoding automation to keep up with demand and outpace the competition. With our professional technical consulting services, your company can gain the industry knowledge it needs to maximize productivity and get the most out of its SAP software and data collection hardware for Inventory Management (IM), Warehouse Management (WM), Production modules, and more.

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Software Development

BCC Distribution is a SAP-certified software developer. We offer T&M and fixed-price software development professional services, as well as onsite and remote SAP-based programming and development. Our SAP software development professional services include SAP ABAP, SAP Console, SAP ITSmobile, SAP Fiori (UI5), .NET and SQL systems, BarTender design and integration, HTML, and JavaScript. BCC Distribution offers a wide range of software development professional services for SAP software solutions.

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Training & Skill Transfer

A successful barcoding or RFID solution includes a combination of software and hardware. At BCC Distribution, our implementation methodology includes training and skill transfer professional services to ensure that your team has the tools it needs to successfully implement and maintain the SAP-integrated barcoding solution to include training for both the software and hardware. We provide 1-on-1 user and technical-level training, group setting training, train the trainer, and skill transfer training. These training services leverage a combination of documentation will leverage the design document (blueprint), user documentation for UAT, and may include advanced technical documentation. Our professional training services allow us to deliver the knowledge, expertise, and experience to your team needs to fully utilize the powerful capabilities of delivered mobilized SAP software, SAP-integrated hardware, and peripherals of the barcoding systems.

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Hardware Staging

Hardware staging and configuration is a critical part of integrating SAP-certified hardware into your warehouse and SAP business system. While your IT staff can focus on their tasks, our BCC Distribution experts will source, configure, document, and deliver the necessary hardware to get your SAP solutions online fast. We’ll manage setup and configuring your barcode labeling and RF scanning equipment so your team can focus on their day-to-day and big-picture system solution objectives. We’ll make sure that your SAP-integrated barcoding and RFID hardware products are ready for warehouse workflow as soon as they arrive onsite.

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Support (SupportLine)

For all BCC Distribution clients, we offer a dedicated support department;  SupportLine. Our dedicated resources will facilitate initiation of any question that your team might have regarding any of our deliverables, including barcode hardware, data collection related software, maintenance, technical services, and more.

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End-To-End Professional Services at BCC Distribution

BCC Distribution is proud to offer comprehensive professional services for a wide range of our SAP mobility and barcoding solutions. We’re a trusted name in the SAP ecosystem because we offer end-to-end barcoding software and hardware solutions, from design and integration to repairing and training. Contact us today to find out which of our professional services can improve warehouse workflow.