SAP Inventory & Warehouse Logistics

At BCC Distribution, perfecting SAP inventory and warehouse logistics is integral to success. Choosing, designing, developing, and integrating the right SAP inventory control and tracking solutions successfully can make or break inventory and warehouse workflows. Our SAP barcoding solutions for inventory and warehousing have a wide range of capabilities and features that we can configure to best suit your unique business and supply chain and logistics needs. With BCC Distribution, we offer end-to-end solutions from software design to hardware staging and consulting. Our team of SAP and logistics experts at BCC Distribution has over 100 combined years of expertise and success. 

Our SAP inventory and warehouse logistics solutions include SAP-integrated software (TranASAP and QuickPrint), label design and printing software, asset/inventory/warehouse management systems software, industry leading barcoding and RFID technology, and all the necessary professional consulting services. This isn’t a complete list. We design inventory and warehouse logistics solutions to best meet your unique business and process requirements. 

SAP-Integrated Software (TranASAP and QuickPrint)

At BCC Distribution, our software and services are SAP-certified, and we manage our own instance of SAP ERP, including our SAP-certified software. We’ve developed two effective deliverables, TranASAP and QuickPrint, to streamline inventory and warehouse logistics. While TranASAP and QuickPrint are pre-configured with over 300 inventory and warehouse transactions, we can customize them to meet your unique inventory and warehouse workflow. We test and configure every BCCD deliverable so they’re out-of-the-box ready for your team, to include software, hardware, and services. TranASAP and QuickPrint are optimized for SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC 6.0 and are built on SAP best practices for RF scanning, barcoding label printing, RFID data collection, and modern mobile devices with a responsive UI.


BCC Distribution developed TranASAP to replace error-prone and time-consuming manual pen and paper data collection, manual data entry, and SAP system data reconciliation. TranASAP is optimized to deliver device-agnostic mobile RF data collection and validation solutions purpose-built for certified mobile RF scanners and handheld devices, rugged tablets, vehicle-mounted terminals, wearable devices, and more. We’ve designed TranASAP mobile SAP software transactions to make materials management more efficient and easier for the material handlers, while complying with SAP mobility, inventory and warehouse management standards. TranASAP’s native SAP software architecture is SAP best-practice approach for inventory functions such as receiving goods, moving inventory, product identification, tracking, picking and packing, shipping, stock inquiries, and cycle counting, while supporting SAP’s recommended framework for RF mobility and barcode scanning. When you partner with BCCD, we work with your company to easily configure and implement the TranASAP software to meet your unique business and warehousing requirements. TranASAP combines BCCD’s optimized software transactions, RF barcode scanning and barcode label printing equipment, with SAP ERP software and inventory control best practices to deliver a turn-key barcoding solution that meets your specific inventory objectives.

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QuickPrint streamlines barcode printing. QuickPrint is faster – and easier to adjust and format labels, including 1D and 2D barcode labels. Your team can easily add different printers to the system as demand increases, yet QuickPrint remains a cost-effective solution for combining barcode printing and real-time SAP software capabilities. 

QuickPrint is a comprehensive barcode printing solution that makes it easy for teams to design, maintain, and print barcode labels from SAP software versus complex SAP print integration techniques using hard coded SAPscript and Smart Forms. Because QuickPrint is so efficient, it offers a fast ROI. QuickPrint has many applications, and its design allows integration with SAP GUI, SAP mobile RF Transactions, and TranASAP. TranASAP is BCCD’s own optimized SAP RF solution for Inventory Management (IM), Warehouse Management (WM), and Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). Together, TranASAP and QuickPrint are effective systems that increase productivity within the warehouse and optimize printing tasks for accurate barcode and RF printing and labeling.

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BarTender: Label Design & Printing Software

BarTender, an SAP-certified label design and printing software toolset, is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) label program that accelerates the speed of label design and improves the efficiency of labeling goods throughout the supply chain because designing labels and printing is fast, easy, and accurate. BarTender simplifies the design and configuration of barcodes, text, graphics, logos, and other images to be printed on barcode labels and other tags. Labels and tags can be designed for barcode scanning and human readable as well, allowing teams to identify and handle hazardous materials safely via visual graphics, images, and readable text that represents the handled product. Clear labels and accurate data encoding maximize data accessibility, which allows teams to efficiently track goods to their point of origin and place of manufacturing. BarTender increases real-time inventory accuracy when paired with our TranASAP and QuickPrint barcode scanning solutions at BCC Distribution.

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Real-Time Supply Chain Solutions.

Asset, Inventory, and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) Software

SAP-based warehousing systems (software and compatible hardware) offer powerful analytics and KPIs that can help any company further streamline and optimize business workflows. Because our optimized SAP solutions are unique to your business needs, your SAP-powered analytics and KPIs can rely on improved accuracy and realtime visibility specific to your workflow and warehouse. Our asset, inventory, and warehouse management software solutions can provide improvement to mission-critical information needed for any warehouse workflow to improve. From solutions from Redbeam (inventory tracking, asset tracking, and check-in-check-out) to SAP (Extended Warehouse Management) and our own BCCD Inventory, SQL, and RFID data collections systems. Our selection of asset, inventory, and warehouse management systems software can help improve inventory and warehouse logistics. 

Consulting: SAP Inventory and Warehouse Logistics

Can’t find the exact needed solution for your organization’s inventory and warehouse logistics? We at BCC Distribution offer comprehensive Professional Technical Services solutions, including analysis, design, blueprinting and extensive consulting options. Our consulting services enable BCCD experts to work closely with your organization to understand and design SAP inventory and warehouse logistics solutions for your team. We offer T&M, fixed-price, onsite, and remote SAP-based consulting to best address our clients’ working environment challenges. Our consulting services include SAP Inventory Management (IM) and Materials Management (MM), Warehouse Management (WM), and Production module review. When you contact us, we can tailor a consulting services scope to best address your SAP or other ERP challenges.

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Streamline Inventory and Warehouse Logistics with BCC Distribution

At BCC Distribution, we provide end-to-end SAP solutions to streamline inventory, materials, and warehouse logistics. Between software that scans and processes data fast and solutions that provide insightful KPIs and data reports based on warehouse workflow, your company will find exactly what is needed to simplify inventory and warehouse logistics at BCC Distribution. We offer a range of SAP software solutions, SAP-certified hardware, and Professional Consulting Services that your company can utilize to successfully streamline inventory and warehouse logistics. Contact us today to get started on finding the solution that’s ideal for your organization’s workflow.