Training and Skill Transfer with BCC Distribution

BCC Distribution provides user and technical training and skill transfer training services in order to equip our clients with the tools and expertise to successfully use and maintain our all of our barcoding solution deliverables.

With our training and skill transfer services, your business will receive the knowledge, experience, tools, and expertise with any one of our deliverables to ensure successful implementation into your warehouse. We offer T&M and fixed-price onsite and remote training for all of our deliverables. Our training and skill transfer services include 1-on-1 user training and technician training, group setting training, train the trainer, and skill transfer training. 

When purchasing a barcode label design and printing solution, RF scanning software system, RFID automation technology, or a SAP mobility solution from BCC Distribution, we ensure your company has the tools it needs to utilize, support, and maintain our scanning and printing systems. Whether you elect to maintain and support your barcoding solution internally, or leverage support from BCC Distribution, your business can supplement your in-house expertise by leveraging our available options for Professional Technical Consulting Services. 

Importance of Training and Skill Transfer

Knowing how to use your barcoding, RFID, or mobile SAP solution is just as important as the technology itself. Training, as part of the UAT process and as an ongoing initiative, will increase success for user adoption, productivity gains from utilization of the delivered solution, and ensure new personnel gain the confidence needed to leverage the available technology used in your warehouse. Without the right training expertise, project management, documentation, and experience with the software and hardware, the likelihood of an unsuccessful implementation may increase. 

Training and skill transfer are vital to warehouse operational success. Not only do these services allow us to demonstrate how to use and implement this tech to your team, but they also provide an opportunity for your team to ask any questions and suggest configurations. Our training and skill transfer services improve employee readiness, help meet business demand, encourage innovation, and increase overall team confidence.

Improving Employee Readiness

Barcode scanners. Barcode printers. Mobile and handheld barcode scanners and barcode printers. RFID data collection. SAP integration and configuration. All of these components combined can create a synchronized ecosystem within the warehouse that enables users and maximizes SAP software optimization. However, barcode and RFID technology is rapidly evolving, features are being streamlined, added, and your SAP software roadmap may have changes on the horizon. 

BCC Distribution’s training and skill transfer services ensure that your warehouse and IT/SAP teams are ready to work with our state-of-the-art SAP software solutions, certified hardware, and turn-key systems. This reduces learning curve time so your team can focus on task completion.

Software and Hardware Training- User and Technical.

Meeting Demand and Warehouse Targets

Once your warehouse team is brought up to speed, it can successfully meet the inventory challenges you face with the mobile SAP software and certified mobile barcode scanning hardware that your company has invested in. With the knowledge needed to succeed, your team can easily meet demand and warehouse targets. Our SAP mobility and barcode solutions provide valuable insights and KPIs of warehouse operations so your team can improve where needed.

Increase Material Handler Confidence

At BCC Distribution, our training and skill transfer services are delivered by the same in-house project team resources that you partnered with to design the solution at blueprinting. This familiarity and continued partnership significantly boosts team confidence, at both the user and management levels. Increased team confidence is integral to solution ownership and continued warehouse success and shows your team that management cares about them. Increased team confidence leads to increased job satisfaction and a reduction in job turnover which can save your company significant resources.

Encourages Innovation

When any team is confident in their skills and expertise, not only can they focus on completing tasks efficiently, but they can also identify and present ideas to further innovate. As material handlers and IT staff develop the necessary skills to contribute successfully to the team, they’ll be able to find even more efficient ways of completing tasks and can suggest solutions to challenges as they arise. Team innovation is team building and can significantly improve warehouse productivity.

The following are a few examples of Training & Skill Transfer Services at BCC Distribution:

  • TranASAP RF Scanning Software Transactions
  • QuickPrint Barcode Label Design and Printing Software
  • SAP ITSmobile Software, Configuration, and Programming
  • SAP Console Software, Configuration, and Programming
  • BarTender Label Design and Printing Software (On-Premise and Cloud)
  • BarTender to SAP Software Integration
  • Legacy Barcode Label Format Migration Services
  • SAP Smart Forms and SAPscript User and Technical Training
  • Zebra Mobile RF Scanning Terminal Setup and Configuration
  • Honeywell Mobile RF Scanning Terminal Setup and Configuration
  • Zebra Barcode Label Printer Configuration (Tabletop and Mobile)
  • Honeywell Barcode Label Printer Configuration (Tabletop and Mobile)
  • Extreme and Cisco Wireless Infrastructures (802.11 WLAN)
  • SOTI (MobiControl) Mobile Device Management – MDM Software
  • All-Touch Terminal Emulation Software
  • Industrial Web Browser Software for Android Terminals (Ivanti, GSW, Zebra, Honeywell)

These are just a few of the comprehensive training and skill transfer services BCC Distribution provides to our clients. Our training and skill transfer services also help organizations identify gaps in knowledge.

Identifying Gaps in Knowledge

When your company chooses BCC Distribution, we can help identify gaps in knowledge in the SAP business systems that your company employs. During our well-managed consultations, your team can also ask questions about the SAP software options available and used elsewhere in their industry to ensure that their ready to use barcode and mobility technology. Our training and skill transfer services will bridge the gap for the necessary knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to maximize utilization of your BCC Distribution deliverables. These services are also possible as we stage and configure hardware for barcoding, mobility, and RFID solutions. 

Staging Services and Training

At BCC Distribution, we also offer hardware, or equipment, staging services to ensure that your SAP barcoding solution is successfully implemented into your warehouse. Our experts test and configure the hardware in-house at BCC Distribution, so each component meets your specific requirements for the business environment. During this time, we can also train your warehouse and IT staff on the equipment’s features and capabilities. Our staging services free up your IT staff and increase the learning curve. Our training and skill transfer services ensure that there is no gap in knowledge when BCC Distribution’s experts stage critical warehousing equipment. Regardless of hardware– barcode scanners, barcode printers, or RFID technology– your team will get the knowledge and know-how they need.

Get the Necessary Knowledge and Training from BCC Distribution

At BCC Distribution, we offer end-to-end SAP solutions, which include critical training and skill transfer services. Our training and skill transfer services are just as important as the SAP mobility software and SAP-certified hardware itself, so teams can effectively utilize this technology to streamline warehouse operations and keep it running for years to come. Contact us today so we can design the necessary training and skill transfer for your team in a range of industries.