Partners at BCC Distribution

At BCC Distribution, we’re proud to partner with the industry’s leading names in SAP software and solutions, barcoding and RFID technology, and proven third-party solutions that complete end-to-end SAP business system proficiency. Our partnerships allow us to continually offer a wide range of products and SAP deliverables that provide our clients with efficient data collection, validation, and visibility strategies to improve workflow operations. Below are a few valued BCC Distribution partnerships that are in place to enhance the complete solution deliverables for our clients.


SAP: Silver Partner

Effective data collection strategies for business management don’t have to be complicated. SAP builds software that can handle high-volume demand and complex business tasks all while maintaining a user-friendly interface to keep task completion quick. Simple solutions for complex business management are one of the many reasons why SAP remains the market leader in enterprise applications. SAP S/4HANA is a smart, integrated ERP system that adapts to your business needs and works on the in-memory database. SAP provides on-premise, hosted, private cloud and public cloud ERP software to help small, medium, and large businesses alike. SAP ERP software supports many facets of a business’s daily operations, helping them reach both short and long-term goals. SAP tools improve operations such as supply chain management, inventory management, CRM, and purchasing. SAP software provides fast processing power and valuable insights to further increase the efficiency of your business operations. 

BCC Distribution is a SAP Silver Partner. We offer SAP-certified software and services and maintain our own instance of SAP ERP and SAP software development capabilities. This allows us to continually design and enhance our SAP mobility and barcode solutions for each of our client’s requirements. Our team at BCC Distribution is also a long-standing ASUG-contributing member, which is America’s largest association for SAP professionals. 


Zebra Technologies: Premier Partner, Validated, ISV, RFID

For your comprehensive barcode technology such as mobile barcode scanners, tablets, and barcode printers for industrial, desktop, and mobile capabilities, Zebra Technologies is the global leader. Zebra’s barcoding solutions are reliable, including clear and crisp barcode labels, multiple connectivity options, and SAP compatibility. Paired with BCC Distribution’s mobile SAP software, Zebra Technologies, legacy names of Motorola and Symbol Technologies, offers effective barcode solutions for enterprise management utilizing the latest in enterprise-grade Android operating systems. Zebra barcoding solutions also include rugged mobile scanning terminals, scanner tablets, RFID technology, and wireless infrastructure for faster data collection and processing. Any of Zebra’s solutions can transform workflow operations and meet business challenges. 

BCC Distribution is proud to be a Premier Solution Partner with Zebra Technologies for more than 20 years, even throughout the evolution of Motorola, Symbol, and Psion. BCC Distribution is the top Zebra equipment reseller, distributor, integrator, and software developer, based in Michigan, and serving North America. At BCC Distribution, we pride ourselves on being a leading solutions partner with Zebra, allowing us to apply their technology and our SAP ERP solutions to many different industrial warehouse applications.


BarTender, by Seagull Scientific 

Seagull Scientific has very few BarTender Certified Enterprise Partners – and we at BCC Distribution are proud to be one of them. BarTender is a flexible and powerful barcode label design and enterprise printing software suite of applications that can work stand-alone and integrated with ERP software, such as SAP software, where BarTender can optimize SAP software printing features like SAPscript and Smart Forms. BarTender is a powerful toolset for streamlining printing tasks. BarTender offers a simple WYSIWYG user-friendly interface and integration features including queries, workflow revision control, security management, and data interfaces for ERP integration. BCC Distribution is proud to offer BarTender as one of our barcode printing software solutions, as it’s the choice barcode label design and printing solution available on the market, applicable for a range of industries. BarTender simplifies barcode label design and printing – much like Microsoft Word simplifies document creation and printing. Seagull Scientific, the maker of BarTender, is also the world’s largest developer for Window operating system drivers for barcode label printers.


Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of rugged handheld, wearable, and vehicle-mounted mobile computers, including barcode label printing solutions. Honeywell’s mobile computer solutions (RF scanners) are durable and can meet the many challenges of harsh and high demand working environments. Honeywell technologies extend the business network to mobile devices and workers in many different working environments. Honeywell technologies are durable – all while maintaining ease of use and reliable data collection capability. At BCC Distribution, we’re proud to offer Honeywell products for our clients that require hardy barcode scanning solutions for SAP applications, as well as other ERP business systems.



Ivanti has a software portfolio that includes telnet and browser-based software that is compatible with WM, CE, and Android-based mobile terminals. Ivanti solutions also include Velocity, which offers Terminal Emulation (TE) and modernized web browser connectivity software solutions that integrated with BCC Distribution’s TranASAP system for direct, real-time SAP integration. Ivanti solutions allow your company to transform the user experience for your existing RF scanning system architecture and newly implemented SAP business system.


ERP Integrated Solutions has improved supply chain management efficiency with their product ShipERP. Simplifying order-to-cash processes is critical in shipment optimization, and ShipERP improves shipment logistics. ShipERP is ready out of the box to meet your business’s shipping demand and is certified by SAP for integration with SAP S/4HANA, running on SAP NetWeaver, for a powerful SAP software solution for shipping needs. Your company can find improved carrier rate quoting, transportation planning, shipping compliance, and more in a single SAP-integrated software solution that is ShipERP.

Elo Touch Solutions

Elo’s product portfolio includes a broad selection of interactive touchscreen displays from 7 to 65 inches, enterprise-grade Android mobile computers, all-in-one touchscreen computers, OEM touchscreens and touchscreen controllers and touchscreen monitors. You’ve used Elo’s products or been helped by an Elo touchscreen in gaming machines, interactive kiosks, hospitality systems, point-of-sale terminals, wayfinder displays, interactive retail displays and/or transportation applications just to name a few.

DTG Power

Mobile Computer Carts (battery-powered mobile workstations) that set your workforce free. DTG is the global leader in the design, development, and delivery of power systems, battery-powered mobile computer workstations, and mobile food and beverage carts. DTG designs innovative mobile solutions that allow you to untether your workforce and take advantage of every revenue opportunity.

Partnerships to Help Deliver Customer Success.


Neptune Software: Silver Partner

BCC Distribution is a proud Silver Partner of Neptune Software. Neptune Software offers an industry-leading low-code and rapid app development platform that can modernize and optimize business operations. Neptune Software includes the benefits of award-winning SAP Fiori-like UI5 UX and universal backend integration that can unify entire business ecosystems. The Neptune Software app development platform is designed to reduce the time and cost involved in app development, integration, and staging and it maintains apps on back-end systems across desktop, mobile, and offline environments.


Over 17,000 companies worldwide depend on SOTI and their Mobile Device Management (MDM) software that offers effective mobility and IoT management. A reliable innovator and industry leader, SOTI delivers transformative business solutions for enterprise mobility, security, and device management.

georgia softworks

Georgia Softworks

Georgia Softworks offers Telnet server software that allows mobile RF terminals connectivity with ERP software databases. Many BCC Distribution customers continue to leverage SAP Console for SAP mobility with RF scanning technology. This fast and efficient connectivity streamlines data collection capabilities for accurate and effective operations management.


RedBeam, Inc. provides barcode solutions and data collection software designed to manage asset tracking, inventory control, and check-in/check-out processes more efficiently. RedBeam, Inc. products are reliable and ready right out of the box for fast integration and implementation into business operations.

SATO America, Inc.

SATO America, Inc. is an industry leader in barcode printing solutions for more than 20 years. They’re a recognized company for dependable rugged technology and performance solutions. Harsh and high-volume working environments require rugged technology to not only keep up with demand but also to keep working through challenging environments. SATO America, Inc. solutions include direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, RFID smart printers, OEM print engines, 10.5”- wide web printers, labels, and thermal transfer ribbons.


Datalogic offers top-quality barcode scanners and mobile computers for data collection, and barcode automation systems specifically designed for industrial applications and inventory control.


For your mobile and table-top barcode printers, Datamax-O’Neil is your go-to. Barcode printing solutions from Datamax-O’Neil are built to last and out-perform competitors, which is especially important in keeping up with high business demands. O’Neil is a pioneer in mobile IT printing.

Taylor Made Cases  

Barcoding equipment solutions often require accessories to unlock their full potential in a warehouse. Taylor Made Cases offers top-of-the-line carrying cases (OP cases), holsters, straps, and other accessories that simplify the use of handheld and mobile computers, portable printers, laser scanners, and related products in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) Industry.

Solutions at BCC Distribution

With our many long-standing partnerships at BCC Distribution, we’re able to offer our clients comprehensive and end-to-end solutions involving SAP software, barcode printing, barcode scanning, RFID technology, high-volume scanning, rugged equipment, MDM, low-code development, and more. Contact us today to find out which of our services and solutions can transform your business operations.