The Fastest and Most Secure Commercial Terminal Emulation Solution

Increase efficiency and preserve data integrity with the robust and feature-rich GSW Windows Telnet and SSH Server. Perfectly paired with the GSW ConnectBot, SSH/Telnet Client for Android.

Telnet Server for Windows with Universal Terminal Server

UTS is a robust and reliable terminal communications framework available in Telnet or SSH Server configurations.

SSH Server for Windows with Universal Terminal Server

The fastest, most secure SSH Server for Windows – Designed for the most demanding industrial and commercial applications.

GSW Business Tunnel

Providing a Secure Path through an Untrusted Network. The Best Security with Elliptic Curve Cryptography. Persistent connections.

GSW ConnectBot SSH Client and Enterprise Browser for Android

The GSW ConnectBot client for Android Devices offers the strongest encryption available on the commercial market.

Connectivity Solutions Securely Built for Efficiency.

SSH Client and Enterprise Browser for Android

GSW ConnectBot Android SSH client features are optimized for barcode scanning environments such as warehouse management systems (WMS), logistics, manufacturing, production, point of sale (POS), and others. BCC Distribution offers GSW ConnectBot with the most secure Terminal Emulation Android SSH client available for commercial and industrial environments.

Optimize Your Android Work Environment

Boost Efficiency- The GSW SSH Client for Android has custom keyboards, session persistence, and automatic logon. This allows your workforce to enter data more efficiently and reduce errors.

Stay Secure- The GSW ConnectBot uses the strongest SSH algorithms to keep your data and credentials encrypted.

Rapid Deployment- The system administration for the GSW ConnectBot is easy. Zero-Touch device setup and license management saves significant time by using the Licensing and Deployment Server, free of charge with the GSW SSH Client for Android.

SSH Client Features Include:

  • Run Multiple Android SSH client sessions on a single device at the same time.
  • Sessions persist if a user temporarily switches to another Android application.
  • Configurable AnswerBack.
  • Stay Connected feature.
  • Application Lockout for production environments.
  • User and Admin modes.
  • Configurable Screen size.
  • License and Deployment server for large installations.

SAP ITS Mobile Enhancements

The GSW Enterprise Browser for Android will transform SAP ITSMobile into a user-friendly, visually attractive, responsive screen with multiple skin choices – all with no changes to the SAP backend code.

JavaScript & CSS Injection

Customize the look of existing websites with JavaScript and CSS injection directly from the mobile device without changes to server-side code.

Apache Cordova Support

Easily access device-level features using Cordova APIs and plugins. Users can control the device scanner and media, access the device file system, and gather information about the battery, network, GPS, and much more.

Find the Connectivity You Need at BCC Distribution

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