About BCC Distribution, Inc.

For over 20 years, BCC Distribution has been the premier provider of complete data collection solutions that integrate mobility, barcode scanning, barcode label printing, and RFID automation into a company’s business system (ERP). Based in Canton Michigan, BCC Distribution provides inventory control and tracking solutions designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs, through integration of barcode and RFID automation. BCCD offers clients best-of-breed mobile RF terminals, barcode scanners, barcode label printers, wireless infrastructures, and warehouse location labeling, along with the state-of-the-art software and technical services to deliver best practice inventory solutions.

By bringing all of our strengths to the table – hardware distributor, systems integrator, and software developer, BCCD is able to deliver turn-key barcode and RFID solutions that meet nearly any traceability requirement for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. Only BCC Distribution provides end-to-end barcoding and RFID solutions for SAP environments. BCCD is a one-stop shop for SAP-certified mobility and barcoding automation software, SAP-certified barcoding equipment and support, and Professional Technical Services.

In addition to being a SAP-certified software developer, BCC Distribution maintains its own hosted instance of SAP ERP software, to include an established BCCD SAP software namespace, and over 75 years of cumulative experience with mobility and barcode automation. BCCD integrates wireless Radio Frequency (RF) scanning and data capture technology, enterprise label printing automation, and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) with a company’s SAP S/4HANA or SAP ECC software, to give customers world-class functionality. Combine BCCD’s over 300 existing TranASAP transactions utilizing SAP Console, SAP ITSmobile, and/or UI5 Fiori-design connectivity with QuickPrint for a complete, native, SAP barcoding solution.


At BCC Distribution, our barcoding and RFID solutions are designed with the following core principles: cost-effective, ease of use, and fast return (ROI). Our solutions are also designed to be agnostic to nearly any industry, with the objective to optimize inventory control and tracking, supply chain management, mobility, and automatic identification and data capture.

Our customers operate within many business industries. We maintain our decades of success by working closely with each and every customer to understand their business goals and partner together to provide solution recommendations that would be most beneficial for clear process improvement and hard dollar cost savings. We’ve successfully implemented turn-key barcode scanning and mobile RF data collection for almost every industry and our clients’ unique business objectives. Together, we’ll analyze and design ideal warehouse optimization, addressing key pain points, utilizing our certified SAP software and hardware solutions for your specific industry.

  • Manufacturing and Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Chemicals, Plastics, and Oil & Gas
  • Aerospace
  • Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Biotech
  • Consumer Products
  • Automotive
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
  • Field Mobility
  • Plant Maintenance (MRO)
  • Cannabis

Barcode Scanning, Label Printing & RFID Automation.

Software Solutions

At BCC Distribution, we have designed, developed, and integrated a number of effective SAP software solutions that can automate and simplify your inventory and warehouse business processes. Our TranASAP and QuickPrint solutions are designed to increase productivity, reduce errors, free up valuable resources to focus on business objectives, not data entry and reconciliation. In the working environment, your team needs to be able to quickly and accurately execute inventory transactions, scan barcode labels, and update inventory in real-time. Through decades of learning best practices, we have certified our SAP-integrated mobility and barcoding solutions to ensure that they meet or exceed your specific business requirements. Below are key software solution components that we offer:

  • Real-Time SAP-Integrated Software (TranASAP and QuickPrint)
  • BarTender Barcode Design and Printing Software (for Labels, Documents and Forms)
  • Near-Time Inventory Tracking and Asset Tracking Software (Cellular, WLAN and Batch)
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) Software
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software
  • Voice Picking Data Collection Software
  • Industrial Web Browser Software

Our suite of SAP software solutions for mobility and barcode automation can help integrate devices together for real-time, seamless data centralization and increased accessibility. Our experts can also configure, manage, and maintain barcode devices from the most trusted names in the industry such as Zebra and Honeywell. BCCD’s SAP software solutions improve inventory and warehouse management, tracking, and traceability. Our SAP software solutions also improve IoT strategy via increased data accessibility for optimal data control and materials management. We enable these capabilities while ensuring the operator is presented with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Hardware Solutions

BCC Distribution’s complete solutions also include hardware and the necessary barcoding and RFID equipment needed to successfully integrate our SAP-integrated software into your business environment. Your team may need Zebra or Honeywell equipment (new and/or to use existing hardware) that can scan and read barcode labels and RFID tags quickly and accurately to best manage inventory and business operations. As demand increases, your team will need data collection technology that can work as fast as possible. With BCC Distribution, your organization will find the technology needed to meet your increased demand or streamline existing processes to do more with less. Some of our hardware solutions include:

  • Barcode Scanners
  • Barcode Label Printers
  • Barcode Labels and Ribbons
  • Mobile RF Barcode Scanning Terminals
  • Mobile RFID Scanning Terminals
  • RFID Readers and Antennas
  • RFID Printer Encoders
  • Rugged Tablets
  • Wireless Infrastructure (Controllers and Access Points)
  • Warehouse Labeling and Location Identification

We offer even more hardware solutions than listed above. We also work closely with our customers to determine the ideal SAP-certified hardware options (or hybrid combination of options) to best fit their warehouse and business environment needs. Because we offer end-to-end SAP-integrated barcoding solutions, we can design solutions that can improve productivity and warehouse operations according to our clients’ unique pain points. This also includes equipment staging, configuration, support and other professional technical services.

Professional Technical Services

Beyond SAP-integrated software and SAP-certified hardware, BCC Distribution also offers a range of Professional Technical Services to comprehensively architect and address our clients’ pain points. Our Professional Technical Services provide our clients with confidence that BCCD can and will successfully and quickly integrate the architected SAP-certified software and hardware system solution to improve business operations and productivity. Our Professional Technical Services include:

  • Gap Analysis and Design (Blueprinting)
  • SAP MM / IM / WM Module and Process Consulting
  • Hardware Staging and Configuration
  • SAP Software Development for Mobility, Automation and Optimization
  • Expert Project Management
  • User Acceptance Testing and Training
  • Business and System Integration Testing
  • User and Technical Documentation Services
  • Technical and Operation Level Training Services
  • Label Design and Migration Services
  • SupportLine (Support Service)
  • Skill Transfer Training

At BCC Distribution, our services don’t just end after we provide our software, hardware, and services deliverables. We care about long-standing partnerships and a successful SAP integration within the SAP business environment, and we want to continue to answer any questions our customers might have about any of our previous or future deliverables. Your organization can count on our continued reliability for ongoing success. With BCC Distribution, your organization will receive end-to-end SAP solutions and professional technical services to increase efficiency and productivity in your warehouse workflows. Our success guarantee ensures that your SAP-integrated software, mobile RF barcode scanning, barcode label printing, RFID tags, RFID printer encoders, and overall SAP system solution optimizes warehouse operations. Paired with our Professional Technical Services, your company will excel with our TranASAP software and SAP-certified barcoding equipment system solutions.

Automate Data Collection with BCC Distribution

At BCC Distribution, we believe that the best way to address the challenges of warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution is by offering end-to-end solutions to streamline inventory efficiency needed for mutual customer and end-user success. We’ve designed our SAP-integrated software, SAP-certified hardware, and Professional Technical Services to complement each other to create an effective yet simple SAP barcoding and RFID solution for any industry. When we partner with your IT/SAP/Operational teams, together we will determine the best SAP barcoding solutions for your business, application, and environment, so you can optimize business operations. Contact us today to find out how BCC Distribution can transform your business and help you on your automation journey.