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At BCC Distribution, we believe in providing comprehensive SAP solutions and barcoding systems for our clients. Doing so allows us to design unique solutions for each of our clients so they can excel in their business operations. At BCC Distribution, we handle everything from SAP solution blueprinting to hardware staging and everything in between. We also provide extensive implementation and support services, including hardware and software maintenance, through our dedicated and in-house customer support department, SupportLine

Once we’ve provided our clients with their mobile SAP solution, barcoding scanning and printing products, or RFID deliverables, our expertise doesn’t end there. We’re committed to ensuring that our clients have continued success with our solutions and services, so we offer a focused support department for our clients to receive tailored customer service. Our dedicated customer service is our assurance for continued and mutual success. Between hardware and software maintenance and support for all of our services and deliverables, combined with our SupportLine for a complete support offering to enable our clients to thrive using their BCC Distribution delivered solution.

Our Dedicated Support Department: SupportLine

While we have a customer service team to answer general software, products, and services questions, we at BCC Distribution are proud to have SupportLine, our dedicated customer service exclusive to our clients. By facilitating direct troubleshooting between our in-house experts and our clients, we’re able to solve maintenance challenges quickly and efficiently. SupportLine can help with any questions, concerns, or inquires that our existing clients may have about any of our mobility and barcoding solution deliverables. We will track SupportLine tickets until they’re completed, and our clients receive helpful solutions. SupportLine provides a unique opportunity for BCC Distribution to address challenges and structure resolutions specific to our client’s business requirements.

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Technical Support, Maintenance, and Software Updates

As valued BCC Distribution customers, you’ll be able to receive detailed technical support and effective maintenance where our experts recommend it. Correct guidance, regular maintenance, and updating when required helps to extend the lifecycle of your BCC Distribution deliverables. If your team has a question regarding technical support, maintenance, and/or software updates, be sure to submit a SupportLine Inquiry so your barcoding solutions can continue to maintain your optimized inventory operations.

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Need Help Right Away?

After submitting an inquiry to SupportLine, feel free to check out our SAP and Barcoding Knowledge Base in our Resources page, just in case you find the answer you’re looking for! Our Resources page has webinars and informational articles regarding our products and what we do at BCC Distribution. You’ll also find news about the latest developments in SAP technology – maybe you’ll find another one of our solutions that can transform your operations. SAP solutions are constantly evolving. Our Resources page not only has the newest updates for SAP tech, but it may also have the answer to your question.

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Not a BCC Distribution Client Yet?

Is your company looking for SAP solutions support but isn’t a part of our BCCD family yet? No worries! While our SupportLine is our direct hotline for client inquiries, you may contact us through either our general inquiries form or through the following contact information:

BCC Distribution, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
7529 Baron Drive
Canton, MI 48187
+1 (877) 770-SCAN | +1 (877) 770-7226

When contacting us for a general inquiry, be sure to provide your name, company, phone number, email address, subject, and how we can help you. We welcome any inquiries regarding our products – such as end-to-end SAP solutions, barcode scanners, barcode printers, RF terminals and tablets, RFID scanners, RFID printer encoders, mobile scanners, handheld scanners, and more. At BCC Distribution, we’re unique in our ability to provide end-to-end SAP solutions, from design and blueprinting to pre-testing and staging for many different industries

Supporting our valued clients since 2000.

Product Information

We appreciate your continued interest in BCC Distribution. We’re committed to making our solutions as user-friendly as possible in order to minimize downtime and increase operational efficiency. For our existing customers, we’re happy to provide the necessary product information and user manuals for our deliverables such as our mobilized SAP software, end-to-end SAP RF scanning solutions, barcode scanners and printers, RF terminals and tablets, RFID scanners, RFID printer encoders, and more. Our solutions are tailored to meet our clients’ business needs; our deliverables are designed and pre-tested to meet these business needs. If your company requires product literature, “as-built” blueprint documentation, or user manuals, we’ll be happy to provide you with the product information that’s necessary to troubleshoot or support the deliverables provided by BCC Distribution.

Product Warranties

At BCC Distribution, we’re proud to offer SAP-integrated software and barcoding hardware solutions from the leading names in the data collection industry. We believe in the reliability and durability of our products and their ability to handle industrial working environments. Keeping updated on product warranties is important in minimizing downtime. If you have a question regarding BCC Distribution product warranties, be sure to send an inquiry through our SupportLine. If a barcode product or system requires a technician to address a concern, we’ll assist your team to work within your product’s warranty to restore it. If a BCC Distribution deliverable has an expired warranty, be sure to submit a SupportLine inquiry and our team will prepare a solution to address the expired warranty. Product warranties ensure that your company maximize your business readiness and to help you focus on business operations and accurate inventory management!

Support at BCC Distribution

At BCC Distribution, we are committed to superior customer service. You can count on us for SAP-integrated barcoding solutions that deliver value, whether you require software, equipment, and/or services. BCC Distribution can offer comprehensive barcoding and RFID solutions to transform your workflow operations and your business!