Hardware Maintenance

Businesses around the world rely on barcode scanners, barcode printers, RFID technology, and other data collection hardware to scan, collect, and process critical inventory, asset, and warehouse data. At BCC Distribution, we’re dedicated to ensuring the continued success of our hardware solutions to keep your workflow productive. We strive to maximize uptime and operational capabilities with support via hardware, or barcoding equipment maintenance programs. Your barcoding technology scans, collects, and processes endless data points critical to your company’s success, and the best way to achieve reliable and ongoing excellence is through hardware maintenance.

At BCC Distribution, we’re dedicated to making sure that our deliverables continue to improve business operations and remain reliable tools throughout their lifetime. Because we provide hardware maintenance services on our deliverables, we’re more than prepared to provide effective maintenance solutions for any one of our equipment deliverables. We offer different levels of depot repair services, supplemented by in-house staging and equipment configuration services for: Zebra Technologies [legacy: Motorola, Symbol, XPLORE], Honeywell [legacy: Intermec, LXE], Datalogic, Datamax-O’Neil, Sato America, Extreme Wireless and Cisco Meraki, and more.

Hardware staging is an important part of the process of getting your barcoding solutions and RFID technology implemented into the business environment. When you schedule hardware staging through BCC Distribution, your team can free up your IT staff and feel confident in a successful installation. Beyond our in-house solutions, we also facilitate other repairs to ensure that our clients receive the necessary support. 

Zebra Equipment Maintenance Information

For Zebra equipment repairs, repairs must be authorized by Zebra and must include the authorization (RMA) number. Be sure to follow Zebra’s and/or BCC Distribution’s shipping instructions and accurate Zebra address (for US, Canada, etc.)  Zebra and Honeywell require end-users to submit repair return requests (RMAs) online, so we help our clients navigate to the right repair resources. Below are the shortcuts to the Zebra Repair Portal, Honeywell RMA Portal, and our SupportLine.

Zebra Repair Portal > Request a Repair/RMA and Check Equipment Maintenance Coverage

Honeywell RMA Portal > Request a Repair/RMA via Honeywell

SupportLine > Request Maintenance, RMA, or Support Assistance from BCC Distribution

Simple Maintenance Programs.

Software Maintenance

In addition to hardware maintenance, BCC Distribution also offers software maintenance and support programs for all of our software deliverables. This includes our SAP-integrated software, such as TranASAP and QuickPrint, as well as other software products like BarTender, Ivanti, SOTI, and other barcoding system components.

As businesses evolve, so do their software requirements. At BCC Distribution, we’re able to standardize, update, upgrade, and maintain software products and integrations so that they continue to meet the business needs of our clients. Your company can contact us through SupportLine and we can reply with a better idea of how we can assist you and answer your software-specific questions. Our comprehensive software maintenance and support programs will ensure that your software meets the demand of your business requirements today, and for tomorrow.

BarTender Support Portal > Get BarTender Software Support via Seagull Scientific

SupportLine > Software Maintenance, Renewals, Updates/Upgrades, or Support Assistance from BCC Distribution