Industries Served by BCC Distribution

At BCC Distribution, we’re experts in optimizing inventory control and tracking, supply chain management, mobility, and automated data capture across a range of industries that require managing material and asset inventory for warehouse operations and logistics. 

We’re committed to helping our customers reach maximum ROI while operating at optimum efficiency. Our end-to-end SAP software and hardware solutions streamline business environment workflows while remaining simple to integrate into the business environment. At BCC Distribution, we have a very diverse customer portfolio, which spans a number of fast-paced and high-volume industries, Aerospace, Automotive, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech, Consumer Products, Transportation and Logistics, Packaging, Food and Beverage, Construction Products, Government and Non-Profit Applications, Field Mobility, and Storeroom/MRO applications to name a few. 

BCC Distribution’s SAP ERP and AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) experience, state-of-the-art SAP-certified data collection solutions, and tailored customer services and support provide our clients with reliable deliverables that not only improve business operations but also provide KPI and transformative insights. Our turn-key SAP barcoding solutions maximize ROI with minimal downtime. Our deliverables are pre-configured so they’re ready to be integrated into your business environment, regardless of your specific industry. Our solutions include products from the most trusted names in barcode and RFID technology, such as Zebra and Honeywell. BCC Distribution’s many partnerships with the leading names in inventory and warehouse data collection allow us to address the business needs of companies of all sizes.

At BCC Distribution, we take the time to understand your business and your expectations of SAP solutions. By doing so, we can deliver best-practice solutions that allow our clients to achieve a significant increase in operational efficiency. Through our standard process of gap analysis and blueprinting, our solutions and collaboration with your team, BCC Distribution is able to understand and define your objectives, target important pain points, and design a certified and reliable industry data collection solution to achieve your business goals. 

Below are just some of the industries that we serve and how our clients apply our solutions to their business needs.

Manufacturing and Warehousing 

Our mobile SAP solutions, wireless data collection strategies, barcode scanning technology, and automated RFID systems can immensely improve business production operations in manufacturing and inventory control for warehousing. Manufacturers, distributors, and logistics providers rely on real-time barcode scanning technology and accurate data collection to effectively manage inventory and warehouse operations. Our optimized SAP software solutions, rugged RF scanning terminals/tablets/scanners, industrial barcode label printers, and RFID readers are all up to the task of meeting high-volume demand.


BCC Distribution solutions work successfully small and complex distribution working environments, just like manufacturing and warehousing. Our solutions can improve productivity, accuracy, throughput and cycle time, all while increasing ease of use and shortening the time of task completion. Distributors need accurate and real-time data collection solutions that can offer key insights on improving operations to meet demand. Be it on a fork-lift, hand cart, in-hand, or any combination of material movement strategies. Our solutions can do just that.

Industry Specific Automation Solutions.


In the Aerospace industry, we understand that companies require increased visibility for incoming raw materials, simplified compliance labeling, and fast training. Our SAP barcode automation solutions, TranASAP and QuickPrint, can help your company design, generate, and print clear 1D and 2D barcode labels that both barcode scanners and humans can read. These solutions are highly user-friendly, ensuring that your team can implement them in the working environment and increase efficiency as soon as possible.


With the Michigan cannabis industry beginning to boom in 2019, and showing no signs of slowing, cannabis-focused companies are looking for local barcode scanning, barcode printing and barcode labeling solutions. BCC Distribution offers an easy-to-use barcode solution that allows for non-technical users to print custom barcode labels of all different sizes, and to multiple printers. Utilizing a custom user input (UI) screen on a PC, the user can select what product label is needed from a drop-down menu. Utilizing information from METRC and the testing facility, the system can provide pre-populated information associated with the specific product and batch. Compliant barcode labels then print with the variable information and any required (regulatory) warnings. This printing solution includes the ability to print both pallet and product barcode labels, as well as enabling simplified end-user maintenance and label printing changes.

Like the food and beverage industry, consumers are inundated with cannabis brands at their local dispensaries. For your cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) products, great looking labels will help your company build consumer trust and define your brand so that it stands out from competitors.  Our team of labeling application experts are here to advise you in creating the right labels for your business.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech

Point-to-point material tracking to help meet compliance and regulatory requirements is critical in the life science, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. BCC Distribution offers real-time, compliant, and accurate data collection strategies to ensure that your company meets local, state, and federal government regulations. We offer the latest technology in barcode scanning, barcode printing for UDI, RF terminals with freezer grade capabilities, automated RFID readers and printer encoders, and more to meet your life science compliance and process improvement requirements.

Consumer Products

At BCC Distribution, we connect companies in the consumer products industry with LOT traceability, batch and serial tracking capabilities, and expiration date incorporation to achieve simple barcode scanning and validation to process orders faster. Much like manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution, consumer products require fast and accurate data collection strategies and inventory visibility to facilitate production and distribution of consumer the products they’ve ordered. The consumer products industry is highly competitive, and companies need to outpace their competitors. With our solutions, like TranASAP and QuickPrint, consumer products vertical applications can manage inventory accurately all while gaining speed and efficiency. 


At BCC Distribution, we understand that improved inventory accuracy for JIT (Just-In-Time) and WIP (Work-In-Progress) supply chains is critical in the automotive industry. From tier 1 to far-removed suppliers, continuous market changes make it more important than ever for your automotive part production and distribution company to accurately track raw materials, semi-finished goods, finished goods, and completed vehicles to meet demand. Our real-time inventory management software solutions are powerful tools for managing inventory and integration with your SAP business system and IOT technology.

Transportation and Logistics

Within transportation and logistics, your company needs to be able to maximize integration of your SAP software and hardware solutions for end-to-end traceability through the supply chain and distribution process. We design our SAP barcode automation solutions to meet our client’s business needs, and we incorporate features that improve end-to-end traceability for efficient management of inventory going through the supply chain and distribution.

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Direct Store Delivery requires fast data communication and accurate inventory updating as well as on-the-spot printing. Any combination of our mobile SAP solutions can make this possible, especially our TranASAP and QuickPrint solutions, which we specifically designed to make mobile inventory management and validation, label creation, and label printing as easy and quick as possible.

Field Mobility

Validation, updating, and collection of data still needs to be possible for work in areas with limited-to-no connectivity to the SAP business system. At BCC Distribution, we can make this happen. If your materials management work takes you outside the four walls of your business, you still need accurate data collection and inventory updating. Our TranASAP Store & Forward SAP-integrated software solution enables data collection in working environments that have few network access points or no connectivity. We employ multiple strategies for data synchronization before, during and after work is performed. Contact BCC Distribution to learn more about how we keep your field operations connected with your SAP business system.


Improve Operations with BCC Distribution

At BCC Distribution, our solutions are designed and built with a focus on SAP software integration and inventory control. As a result, this enables our best-practice and SAP recommended RF framework to be applicable with a wide range of vertical market industries. Our team is always looking to apply our solutions and design new ones for new industries. We can design and apply optimized SAP software, barcoding and RFID hardware, and end-to-end solutions for a diverse set of industries. Contact us today so we can start designing solutions to improve your business operations.