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BCC Distribution, based in Canton Michigan, has been the premier provider of end-to-end barcoding and RFID solutions for over 20 years. BCC Distribution simplifies RF mobility and barcode scanning, barcode label printing, and automation of real-time data collection, which improves inventory control and tracking for corporate enterprise resource planning (ERP) business systems. At BCC Distribution, we offer the most trusted brands of barcode scanning, printing and RFID technology, including Zebra and Honeywell. Manual pen and paper processes, manual data entry, and manual inventory reconciliation causes costly downtime, a lag in productivity, and don’t leverage real-time ERP system capabilities for inventory traceability. Incompatible hardware can cause even more delays. Inefficient or poorly designed software can result in complexity and lower productivity. However, with BCC Distribution certified and proven barcoding solutions, combined with our decades of industry experience, your operations can achieve real-time inventory accuracy, realize process improvement gains, and quantify hard dollar cost savings that directly impact your business. BCC Distribution offers clients best-of-breed mobile RF terminals, barcode scanners, label printers, wireless infrastructures, and warehouse location labeling, along with the state-of-the-art software and technical services to deliver best practice inventory solutions.

Why BCC Distribution?

At BCC Distribution, we’re unique. We offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions that include software, hardware, warehouse labeling, wireless infrastructure, and professional services for nearly any industry that necessitates inventory control for manufacturing, warehousing, and/or distribution. From offering a portfolio of industry-leading barcode and RFID hardware, software design and implementation for SAP business systems, and more, to providing technical services with decades of industry expertise, repair, systems integration, and hardware staging, BCC Distribution has standardized the process of optimizing inventory and warehouse management. BCC Distribution is able to deliver turn-key barcode, RFID, and SAP solutions and meet industry-specific manufacturing and warehousing inventory traceability requirements. You’ll find both hardware and software solutions at BCC Distribution, both of which are certified with many versions of SAP software- from SAP R/3 to ECC 6.0 and S/4HANA. Our barcoding solutions are comprehensive as we offer a range of equipment options necessary to meet the requirements of your specific business processes and the daily use requirements of your material handlers/users. BCC Distribution also integrates wireless Radio Frequency Identification automated data collection technology with enterprise printing automation and SAP systems to create further optimized RFID warehousing solutions. Both barcoding and RFID are great tools to simplify any warehouse inventory operation, especially when integrated with your SAP software for real-time validation and visibility. Partner with BCC Distribution to allow our experts to understand your business and recommend the ideal solution, or combination of technology to supplement process discipline to ultimately address and optimize your business needs and warehouse operations.

Not only do we offer easy-to-use SAP solutions and SAP-integrated barcoding technologies, but BCC Distribution is also a SAP Partner, with SAP-certified software and services, and maintain our own instance of SAP software. This means that we can quickly enhance and implement our SAP software and solutions unique to your business needs and, matched to the right barcoding and/or RFID technology. And because business needs and requirements are always changing, BCC Distribution is an active member of the ASUG community to maintain our SAP software roadmap so that we can help you meet ever-evolving inventory and industry requirements as they change over time. 

BCC Distribution has over 70 years of cumulative experience with SAP mobility and barcode automation. We’re industry experts, and our team is dedicated to staying current with the latest developments in barcoding and RFID technology. We offer a wide selection of proven barcoding products and solutions for our clients so they may continually improve efficiencies to support their business goals and growth objectives. Our products are designed for small businesses and large enterprise companies alike. Combine BCC Distribution’s over 300 existing TranASAP transactions utilizing SAP’s recommended RF framework ITSmobile, legacy SAP Console (telnet), or modern UI5 Fiori-design connectivity with BCC Distribution’s QuickPrint for a complete, and native SAP RF barcode scanning and barcode printing solution.

Your Barcoding Experts.



At BCC Distribution, we offer a number of products that can increase efficiency and productivity in warehouse workflows. Our solutions use SAP technology to optimize manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution business needs. Below are common barcoding products that we offer at BCC Distribution:

  • Barcode Scanners – Linear and 2D, Short and Long-Range
  • Mobile RF Terminals from Zebra, Honeywell, and others
  • Barcode Label Printers
  • Rugged Enterprise Tablets
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Label Design and Printing Software
  • SAP Integrated Software
  • Asset, Inventory, WMS Solutions
  • Software Development Toolsets
  • Media – Labels & Ribbons
  • Professional Services & Project Management
  • Barcoding and RFID Accessories
  • Equipment Maintenance

Don’t see products that your company needs to excel in inventory and warehouse management! No problem. This isn’t a complete list as our technology and solutions are evolving often. Be sure to contact us for a full list of products. For SAP-certifed software products, contact us today to discuss the barcode or RFID products needed to meet your business needs. 


Our approach solves common challenges that manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution applications often struggle with. Our barcode, RFID, and SAP products form flexible and dynamic solutions that are simple, yet powerful for any industry that relies on inventory control, tracking, and real-time system visibility. Below are just some of the solutions available at BCC Distribution that can work for your team:

  • Inventory Mangement (IM)
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • WIP (Work In Process)
  • Direct Store Delivery
  • Plant Maintenance
  • RFID Integration for Asset Tracking
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Batch, LOT, Serial Number Tracking, and Traceability
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)
  • Enterprise Printing and Barcode Labeling
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Warehouse Management (WM)
  • Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • Production and Shop Floor
  • Field Service and Offline (Batch) Applications
  • Asset Management
  • Compliance or Regulatory Identification and Labeling

Don’t see solutions that your company is looking for? No problem! Contact us today so we can showcase the barcoding solution best matched and specifically for your business needs. At BCC Distribution, we believe in providing our customers with end-to-end solutions to streamline systems integration and achieve successful implementation. 

Satellite Locations

Besides our Corporate and North American Headquarters located in Canton, Michigan, we also have a number of satellite locations to support our customers across the US, and North America, and for our clients with business operations overseas. Our satellite locations include locations in Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, and Panama. Supplementing our support in NA, BCC Distribution also maintains long-standing business partnerships within the SAP community, for our clients with complex business needs. Regardless of where your company’s operations are located, BCC Distribution is dedicated to providing our clients with outstanding service, certified barcode, RFID, and SAP solutions, with the goal to earn your business and partner together for long-term success.

Streamline with BCC Distribution

At BCC Distribution, we offer a variety of end-to-end solutions for manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing. From implementing an out-of-the-box system to designing a solution to match your unique business application, your company can count on BCC and the team of experts. Contact us today to see how we can transform your warehouse and inventory operations.

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