TranASAP– Optimized RF Barcode Scanning for SAP Applications

At BCC Distribution, we’re dedicated to creating state-of-the-art barcoding and RFID software designed for ease-of-use and for maximum SAP inventory traceability for the warehouse and on the production floor. That’s why we’ve developed TranASAP, a SAP-certified, pre-configured software product for inventory control and tracking. TranASAP optimizes and automates SAP software transactions for RF mobility, barcode scanning, real-time data validation, barcode label printing, voice integration, as well as RFID data collection and integration. Using SAP software and inventory control best practices, TranASAP optimizes SAP mobility and barcode automation to keep your warehouse running smoothly as your team manages inventory and operations with its intuitive design and seamless SAP integration.

TranASAP – A Simple and Powerful Warehouse Tool

With a library of over 300 pre-configured software transactions, TranASAP is purpose-built to automate and optimize SAP software’s Inventory Management (IM), Materials Management (MM), Warehouse Management (WM), Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), Production (PP), Quality Inspection (QI/QM), Handling Unit Management (HUM), Storage Unit Management (SUM), and more. TranASAP, and these SAP ERP software modules available with SAP S/4HANA or SAP ECC 6.0, increase business productivity, maximize inventory accuracy, reduce operational and warehousing costs, and ensure successful end-user system adoption.

BCC Distribution developed TranASAP to replace error-prone and time-consuming manual pen and paper data collection, manual data entry, and SAP system data reconciliation. TranASAP is optimized to deliver device-agnostic mobile RF data collection and validation solutions purpose-built for certified mobile RF scanners and handheld devices, rugged tablets, vehicle-mounted terminals, wearable devices, and more. We’ve designed TranASAP mobile SAP software transactions to make materials management more efficient and easier for the material handlers, while complying with SAP mobility, inventory and warehouse management standards. TranASAP’s native SAP software architecture is SAP best-practice approach for inventory functions such as receiving goods, moving inventory, product identification, tracking, picking and packing, shipping, stock inquiries, and cycle counting, while supporting SAP’s recommended framework for RF mobility and barcode scanning. When you partner with BCCD, we work with your company to easily configure and implement the TranASAP software to meet your unique business and warehousing requirements. TranASAP combines BCCD’s optimized software transactions, RF barcode scanning and barcode label printing equipment, with SAP ERP software and inventory control best practices to deliver a turn-key barcoding solution that meets your specific inventory objectives.

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User-Focused TranASAP Design

We’ve designed TranASAP to be a menu-driven, role-based software product, with a library of over 300 SAP RF transactions. Each TranASAP transaction supports best-practice change management and user-friendly interaction to allow for quick implementation in the warehouse and support for a native SAP RF environment. Our team has created multiple versions of TranASAP to natively support multiple SAP software versions and SAP RF mobility platforms including SAP ITSmobile, SAP UI5 / Fiori-Design, and SAP Console for real-time, and direct connectivity with SAP S/4HANA, Suite on HANA, SAP ECC 6.0, and back to SAP R/3 4.6.

Simple Barcode Automation Solutions for SAP Applications.

TranASAP Store & Forward: Online/Offline

TranASAP version Store & Forward enables real-time online functionality with support for offline (batch mode) functionality that eliminates concerns of WLAN and/or SAP network drops. Network accessibility may be limited for clients with remote sites, outside yards, and supplemental campuses without wireless coverage. TranASAP’s Store & Forward version is ideal for clients with more complex network applications, that have WLAN limitations, or have a need to focus on batch mode operation due to security requirements. WLAN limitations can be due to the warehouse’s physical environment and limited access point (AP) availability. With TranASAP version Store & Forward, your warehouse’s SAP barcoding system can operate seamlessly regardless of your wireless infrastructure and SAP system connectivity. TranASAP version Store & Forward, also known as an online/offline barcoding system, provides the same great features as an online-only version of TranASAP and has the added capability for seamless and automatic transition for offline use. Once the user has network accessibility, TranASAP version Store & Forward will seamlessly synchronize data from the mobile barcode scanning device to the SAP software, and vice versa. This version utilizes the latest UI5, low-code, rapid app development technology and a Fiori design for an optimal user experience (UX). Your organization can rely on TranASAP version Store & Forward in working environments with spotty or limited network accessibility.

TranASAP Store & Forward


Common Applications of TranASAP

Both TranASAP and TranASAP version Store & Forward are built for many industry applications with mobile SAP inventory transactions that don’t require complex or customized features. The baseline applications of our TranASAP solution have been enhanced, through real-world experiences and scenarios, to simplify warehouse logistics, tasks, and supply chain management. Common applications of TranASAP Mobile SAP RF Scanning for IM, WM, and EWM modules include:

  • Goods Receipt from Purchase Order, STO, and Delivery, with Barcode Label Printing
  • Directed or Manual Inventory Putaway
  • SLoc to SLoc Inventory Movements and Transfers for Inventory Management
  • Plant to Plant, Quality Inspection, and 2-Step Staging Movements
  • Bin to Bin Inventory Movements for Warehouse Management
  • Batch, LOT, Serial Number, and FIFO Tracking
  • Pick and Pack for Outbound Delivery and Pick Confirmation by TR/TO
  • Replenishment
  • Handling Unit or Storage Unit Management
  • Cycle Count and Ad Hoc (On-Demand) Counts
  • Physical Inventory Counting
  • Manufacturing, KanBan, and Labor Tracking
  • Production and Process Order Confirmations with Receipt and Label Print
  • Inventory Inquiry by Location, Part, and Serial Number
  • Goods Issue to Cost Center, Reservation, Work Order, and Project
  • Catch Weight, Case, Pallet, and Material Labeling
  • HU, SU, and LPN Pallet Label Printing or Reprinting
  • And much more!

TranASAP has many more transactions, applications and features that are standardized, yet effective for nearly any industry application. Your team can get to work fast and count on our TranASAP software solution for accurate data collection and real-time SAP inventory analytics. Your company can rely on these solutions for meeting business demands and to improve warehouse operations. When you inquire about TranASAP, you can find out which transactions and included functionality can benefit your company the most. TranASAP is easily configurable to meet your business, production, and warehousing needs across a number of different industries.

BCC Distribution’s Commitment to Excellence

At BCC Distribution, our commitment is to deliver efficient real-world solutions that work reliably for our clients and provide hard-dollar cost savings. We guarantee ease of use and to minimize the number of screens, words, and user interactions required to complete a task. This increases warehouse productivity and task completion. Our SAP barcoding solutions are natively designed to modify and maintain SAP RF transactions and screens, so the SAP-integrated barcoding system has an extended lifetime and support for future SAP ERP upgrades. TranASAP is quick to implement and requires minimal customer time and resource support to get it warehouse-ready. Our SAP barcoding software solutions have direct connectivity and real-time integration with the warehouse infrastructure and business systems. Lastly, at BCC Distribution, we’re committed to fast ROI. We want our clients to excel with our turn-key SAP barcoding solutions– and they do.

BCCD Core Principles for Proven Success

  • Ease of use, minimizing the number of screens, words, and user interaction.
  • Simple to modify and maintain SAP RF transactions and screens.
  • Quick to install.
  • Direct connectivity and real-time integration.
  • Hard dollar cost savings and quick Return on Investment (ROI).

Implement TranASAP from BCC Distribution

At BCC Distribution, we’re dedicated to developing software that meets a range of business requirements and warehousing applications. Our TranASAP solution leverages BCCD certified barcode scanning and label printing technology, and a simple user interface, while enabling the necessary transactions and features required to increase warehouse productivity. We offer a range of end-to-end SAP barcoding and RFID solutions and SAP-certified hardware like barcode scanners, barcode printers, and RFID technology. Contact us today to find out which comprehensive solutions could be right for your production, warehousing, or distribution challenges.