Yes. SAP Warehouse Management (WM) can be implemented in S/4 HANA, on-premise installation. SAP WM is still part of SAP S/4HANA, and made available via a Compatibility Package (CP). SAP provides a limited use right to run certain classic SAP ERP solutions on the S/4HANA installation through the Compatibility Packages, assuming the customer has already licensed these solutions.

Restrictions on the use of Warehouse Management CP and Future of WMS in S/4HANA

Although the full LE-WM functionality is available in the CP, SAP has restricted the usage of the WM CP until 12/31/2025. The mainstream maintenance of SAP ERP 6.0 and other related applications has been extended until the end of 2027, and an optional extended maintenance until the end of 2030.

(SAP Extends SAP S/4HANA Maintenance Through 2040 | SAP News – reference link.)

SAP considers Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) as the strategic WMS product for managing warehouse/s and recommends the use of EWM as part of S/4HANA implementation. EWM is already available as part of the standard S/4HANA architecture. From S/4HANA version 1909 onwards, “Stock Room Management” is part of the standard architecture and can be used beyond 2025. Stock Room management uses a major part of the LE-WM functionality with certain exceptions.

RF Mobile Warehousing in SAP S/4HANA, ON-PREMISE Solution

The RF Framework and ITSmobile is still the main architecture for mobile Warehouse, Production and Distribution inventory transactions. Utilization of barcode scanning, on devices such as Zebra or Honeywell devices, and mobile SAP software transactions, examples being MIGO 101, MIGO 311, MMBE, MI04, LT01, LT11, LT12, LI11, LP21, LX01, and more, are fast, stable and proven with new SAP S/4HANA implementations using SAP ITSmobile. SAP ITSmobile connectivity is supported by use with a certified web browser for each device: handheld RF barcode scanner (PDA-style), traditional RF scan gun, vehicle terminals, wearables, and rugged tablets.

In a S/4 HANA cloud solution, API’s are the only way to build mobile apps.

SAP Console is also still available as a separate download and standalone installation from the SAP Service Marketplace.

Note: The SAP Console for web-equipped devices (also called Web-enabled SAP Console or Web SAP Console) will no longer be supported for SAP-systems based on SAP NetWeaver releases higher than 7.0. SAP therefore recommends to use ITSmobile for SAP Basis releases 46C and higher, a technology based on ITS.

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