As a SAP Silver Partner, we at BCC Distribution are proud to announce our participation in the SAP Sapphire and ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando-  June 3rd through 5th. We’re excited to exhibit the latest updates to our SAP-certified RF barcode scanning solutions featuring Mobile Screen Modernization (MSM), RFID automation using REST API’s, Voice Picking and Putaway, UI5 Store & Forward (online/offline) mobility, as well as our other powerful inventory and warehousing solutions for SAP S/4HANA and the Business Technology Platform (BTP). 

BCC Distribution is dedicated to enhancing real-time data collection and integration across different industry applications and business processes. Our solutions are designed to specifically improve inventory workflows for industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. The versatility of our barcoding and RFID solutions allow us to connect with more clients across new industries. We look forward to showing Sapphire attendees how your team can apply our SAP-certified software and hardware to your processes, streamlining them and improving productivity.

Learning how to optimize workflows starts with a conversation. As a SAP Silver Partner, we plan to meet you at SAP Sapphire and discuss new developments in SAP technology and applications. Strategizing workflows goes beyond implementing new tech – it also involves understanding unique business challenges and goals. That’s why at SAP Sapphire, we want to meet you and learn more about your organization so we can align you with mobility and automation solutions that can streamline your processes.

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BCC Distribution: Transformative Tech

We recognize the importance of a dialogue because it helps us gain insights into pain points and workflows across industries, and SAP Sapphire is just the place to have these conversations. At this three-day event at the Orange County Convention Center, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet our SAP experts, ask questions, and find meaningful solutions to your toughest challenges. We’ll provide updates regarding our barcoding solutions, UI Modernization, RFID, SAP S/4HANA, and cloud barcode label printing applications, as well as our showcase on Zebra Technologies and BarTender. 

Advancements in BCCD Barcoding

At SAP Sapphire, you’ll be able to learn about our powerful barcode scanning, RFID and Voice automation, and barcode label printing solutions. We offer a wide range of data collection software, equipment and services, including integration, connectivity, support, and expert advice technology trends. We’ve assisted over 650 clients in transforming their businesses with our barcode solutions, streamlining their data collection, real-time visibility, and inventory accuracy. Whether you need barcode scanners or rugged tablets, we have the expertise to help you define, source, integrate, and support the right solution for your business needs. BCCD solutions are constantly being added to our portfolio and SAP Sapphire is the first place industries will learn about our new advancements.

Mobile Screen Modernization (MSM)

Mobile Screen Modernization is a key example of our dedication to improving our solutions. Besides deploying intuitive user interaction, new functionality, and a refreshed look to SAP’s recommended and proven mobility approach, User Interface (UI) modernization improves the user experience, training, and general productivity. UI modernization simplifies user interaction with our barcode scanning devices, bringing users closer to completed tasks. It enhances usability and softens the learning curve, resulting in a better experience. At SAP Sapphire, you can observe our UI modernization throughout our demonstrations.

RFID Capabilities

While RFID is an established solution for automated data collection, BCC Distribution is continually adding fixed and mobile RFID solutions that improve data collection and validation processes such as production throughput, real-time visibility, operating costs, and accuracy. Your team can learn about our RFID scanners, printers, portals, software, and more at SAP Sapphire. 

Data Collection Utilizing SAP S/4HANA and Cloud

BCC Distribution provides the latest developments in fast data collection and processing, including SAP S/4HANA and cloud-based label design and barcode label printing technology. SAP S/4HANA solutions elevate workflows by enabling rapid data processing, intuitive usability, and seamless communication across various networks and devices. At SAP Sapphire, you can learn about our end-to-end SAP S/4HANA barcoding, RFID and printing solutions that your team can implement. You can also hear more about our cloud-based RFID and label printing technology, and important aspects of Industry 4.0. Together, BCCD’s solutions create a wireless infrastructure that supports enterprise companies when and where their business operates.

We’re excited to talk about our barcoding, UI modernization, new RFID and Voice capabilities, and new data collection solution developments at SAP Sapphire. We also look forward to showcasing our Zebra Technologies and BarTender solutions at the event. 

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Showcasing our Zebra Technologies and BarTender Solutions

At SAP Sapphire, you can discover how Zebra’s barcoding solutions deliver real-time insights, granting workers the confidence to make quick decisions. Zebra’s industry-leading mobile computers, rugged tablets, and RFID terminals are just some of the solutions that you’ll be able to explore at this event. Zebra Technologies continues to be an industry leader in both data collection software and hardware, offering durability and reliability without sacrificing scanning accuracy.

You’ll also learn about our BarTender Design and Printing Software, part of our certified barcode label design and printing solution. BarTender simplifies the design, printing, and implementation of barcode labels, forms, RFID tags, and more. With applications such as SAP IM and WM, safety for EH&S, and regulatory compliance, BarTender is versatile and can streamline the creation and automation of barcode labeling in industrial workspaces. BarTender offers 100+ 1D and 2D barcode symbologies and hundreds of predefined label templates that are commonly used. We also ensure that companies can tailor their data entry forms to best suit their unique business needs. BarTender has extensive functionality, and at SAP Sapphire, you and your team will be able to explore its versatility and learn more about its many applications. Our BCCD experts will be there, ready to answer any questions or suggest solutions from our hand-picked portfolio of the world’s most reliable data collection and inventory tracking products. 

Meet Our Team at SAP SAPPHIRE

Want to have a chat with barcoding experts? Or coordinate a demo of our solutions? The SAP Sapphire event this June 3rd-5th, 2024 in Orlando is the best place to do so. BCC Distribution is a proud SAP Silver Partner and a sponsor of this event, created to connect businesses with powerful yet simple data collection solutions. We’ll see you there!