SAP Mobile RF Transaction for Storage Bin Location to Storage Bin Location (Bin-to-Bin) Inventory Movements in SAP Warehouse Management (WM) – LT01 Movement 999

The purpose of this mobilized and automated SAP RF transaction is to move Inventory Materials (such as unrestricted stock) from one Storage Bin location another Storage Bin location.  The SAP RF transaction (t-code) is commonly LT01 with a Movement Type of 999, but may utilize other SAP t-codes and/or movement types to accomplish various movement-related SAP system tasks.   Some warehouse applications require advanced utilization of Bin to Bin moves for inventory control tasks such as Replenishment for Fixed Bins in WM, Storage Unit (SU) Split, and Goods Receipt Putaway – Directed with Storage Unit.  An SAP Bin to Bin Move, mobilized for use with a Zebra RF scanner should be easy-to-use, and automated for simplicity and real-time SAP system validation:

  • Scan or enter the Source location barcode to validate you’re moving inventory from the right location.
  • Scan or enter the Material barcode label to verify you’re moving the right Stock.
  • Enter the quantity to be moved via the physical keypad, on-screen keypad, or barcode quantity.  (The SAP RF Bin-to-Bin transaction will display Available inventory in that Bin Location.)
  • Physically move the Materials from one location to another.
  • Scan or enter the Destination location barcode to finalize the movement in the SAP software.  Each task is validated within the SAP software in real-time to ensure the task is performed correctly.

Bin to Bin Inventory Movement SAP RF Transaction Additional Capabilities:

  • Refer to Storage Location to Storage Location (Sloc to Sloc) Move for Inventory Management (IM) applications.
  • Fixed or User Entered Storage Type Identification.
  • SAP RF Goods Receipt Putaway – Directed with Storage Unit functionality for WM.
  • SAP RF Bin to Bin Inventory Move functionality combined with SAP RF Inventory / Material Inquiry.
  • Accommodation of Bin Locations for Restricted, Blocked and Unrestricted often tied to Quality Inspection and/or Compliance Checks.
  • SAP-integrated and automated label printing that is daisy-chained to the LT01 999 Bin to Bin Material Move to enable barcode label printing or label reprinting using the Zebra RF Scanner to a Zebra tabletop or mobile barcode label printer.
  • Utilization of Liner barcodes and 2-dimensional (2D) barcodes.

Source Location Barcode Label | Material/Inventory Barcode Label | Destination Location Barcode Label

Functionality described is for SAP ECC 6.0® and SAP S/4HANA® end users and leveraging SAP Console, SAP ITSmobile, or SAP Fiori / UI5 platform connectivity, combined with 802.11 wireless (WLAN), as well as certified mobile devices such as Zebra or Honeywell RF scanner and wireless device.  Image(s) shown may not depict exact mobilized and automated SAP RF transaction or actual Zebra RF barcode scanner, as software and equipment and labeling may vary from end-user to end-user based upon software blueprinting, application requirements, and final recommendations.

Best practice standards are vital to create consistent and easy-to-use RF screens for mobile users, as well as to meet corporate requirements for standardization.  BCCD designs each IM and WM transaction for mobile RF scanners (handheld barcode scanners, rugged tablets, vehicle terminals, and more) with minimal words and maximum simplicity, optimized specifically to make the mobile SAP RF scanning and barcode printing system extremely easy to use for the operator.  BCCD’s TranASAP solution is developed for real-time, directly-integrated architecture, using the above SAP-certified software development platforms and connectivity tools.

Contact BCC Distribution to illustrate how RF scanning and barcode printing automation can optimize SAP ECC 6.0® and SAP S/4HANA® Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, and Extended Warehouse Management specific to your Inventory Movement process for manufacturing, warehousing, and/or distribution operations.