Mobile device management (MDM) for your RF terminals helps optimize productivity and keep workers connected. By providing a centralized tool for monitoring, managing, securing, and supporting your mobile RF barcode scanning terminals, MDM streamlines workflows, enhances supply chain mobility, and safeguards efficiency.

Take a look at what your business can do when you invest in MDM for your RF terminals.

Share and Capture Data in Real Time

When your workers scan barcoded (1D and 2D) inventory items with an RF terminal connected to your main network, they can update databases and inventory records in real time. This includes updating ERP systems such as SAP®, Oracle®, Microsoft®, among others. They can also access key information and instructions about items.

Increase Supply Chain Visibility

MDM tools improve visibility in the supply chain management process. You can track the location of items, monitor their progress through your facility, or even breakdown records to assess employee performance.

Connect Dispersed Workforces

Internet-connected RF terminals keep dispersed workforces connected to your central network, helping to improve communication and improve tracking accuracy. Additionally, MDM solutions let you easily manage a full fleet of RF devices in multiple locations from a centralized dashboard.

Support Cross-Platform Devices

If you have a variety of types of RF devices, running different applications or even using different operating systems, MDM gives you the tools to manage your mixed-device environment.

Improve Software Management

With a centralized solution, your IT team can refresh devices, update applications, and reconfigure settings while your RF devices are in use. As a result, you minimize IT overtime charges and your business doesn’t suffer downtime as workers wait for updates or patches.

Tighten Security

If an RF terminal is lost or stolen, MDM lets you remotely lock the device and erase any sensitive data. This technology can also track the physical location of your RF terminals and alert you if the terminals leave certain areas of your facility. In the case of a data breach, you can quickly shut down access until you identify the source of the breach.

Facilitate Remote Troubleshooting

When you have MDM solutions in place, your employees don’t have to physically take their devices to the IT team when they encounter a problem. Instead, they can request help through the device or over the phone. Then, your IT team can troubleshoot the issue remotely and potentially solve the problem without disrupting workflows.

MDM tools can also monitor the memory and performance of your equipment as well as the health of your wireless network (WLAN and/or WWAN) to proactively identify and address potential issues before they create a disruption.

Optimize Equipment Life Cycles

MDM solutions also help to safeguard the lifecycle of your hardware. You can track how long your RF terminals have been in service, keep repair logs, and set up alerts for maintenance and upgrades.

If you already have an existing MDM/EMM solution, Zebra connectors provide the ability to manage your Link-OS printers with some of the most popular Enterprise Mobility Management tools.

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