Centralized barcode printers force workers to leave what they’re doing, run to the label printer, grab what they need, and then return to their tasks. On the way to and from the printer, they often get distracted by other tasks or stop to talk with co-workers, wasting even more time.

As this happens repeatedly, your business suffers productivity losses, and errors get introduced into your supply chain management and inventory tracking process.

The solution — mobile barcode label printing. When your team can print barcodes, labels, picking sheets, receipts, and more in the very spot where they are working, your business reaps multiple benefits.

Improved Accuracy with Mobile-Printed Barcode Labels

Barcode labels and RFID tags let you easily track inventory or materials as they move through your organization. However, while printing labels from a centralized printer can improve tracking, mobile printing goes a step further to help you save time, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

For example, if your receiving crew uses pre-printed labels from a centralized printer and they see a discrepancy between the labels and the items in a new shipment, they may use the wrong level, waste time running to the printer, or fail to label the item at all. In contrast, when armed with a wireless mobile barcode printer, they can print accurate labels without ever leaving the loading dock or receiving area.

More Efficient Receiving with Mobile Printing at the Loading Dock

Wireless, mobile, battery-powered printers also give your receivers the ability to issue goods receipts at the receiving dock. When Driscoll Strawberry Associates implemented mobile printing for goods recipes, they reduced the time needed to receive shipments by 25%. When translated to payroll costs, the savings are stunning.

Enhanced Organization During Putaway

During the putaway process, mobile printers allow your workers to print instructions, update inventory levels, generate labels, or handle other organizational tasks. Zebra mobile printers can improve putaway processing times by 62%, especially when integrated with mobile RF scanning terminals, wireless networks, and shared databases (such as SAP ECC® and SAP S/4HANA®) that let workers access all the information they need without ever stepping away from the task at hand.

Fewer Mistakes and Reduced Order Picking Time

A mobile printer allows you to send picking lists directly to forklift operators via bluetooth and/or wireless 802.11 connectivity. As soon as they are done picking one order, your forklift operators can instantly download the next picking list and continue working without missing a beat. Providing picking crews with mobile printing capabilities creates a 50% reduction in picking time and a 100% increase in accuracy.

Refined Quality Assurance

Mobile printing can help to facilitate more effective quality assurance workflows. As items are received or as they pass through a kitting or assembly process, your employees can randomly generate tags earmarking certain items for quality testing.

Then, quality assurance workers can use mobile printers to label samples to indicate if they have passed, been rejected, or need more work. In this arena, mobile printing reduces the rate of misidentified items while also helping to safeguard quality and creating a data trail of your quality assurance efforts.

Inject the Power of Mobile Printing into Your Business

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At BCC Distribution, we help our customers improve their businesses with barcode scanning, printing, and data collection solutions, and whether you’re printing barcodes, labels, receipts, picking lists, or other items, there is a Zebra mobile printer that offers the features, performance, and cost you need to improve your supply chain management and inventory tracking.

All Zebra mobile printers feature Zebra Print DNA, a proprietary genetic code that leverages catalytic capabilities, innovative applications, and developer tools to improve performance, simplify remote management, and make integration easy.

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