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Elevate Your Warehouse Systems with Radio Frequency Identification [RFID]

Get transformation without complications.

Take warehouse inventory management from hours down to mere minutes. RFID technology transforms warehouse operations to give you accurate, real-time insights and to speed tasks from picking and shipping to packing and putting away materials. Now, you can make the pain-free switch to a complete ecosystem of RFID technology that elevates every system, device, tag and worker.


Manage Inventory Across the Warehouse

  • Reduce labor costs when your employees do more, faster in all areas of the warehouse.
  • Increase inventory accuracy, from receiving to picking and shipping.
  • Turn over inventory faster for leaner and less stagnant stock.
  • Increase visibility with accurate, real-time insights.


Get Unmatched Accuracy with a Complete RFID Ecosystem

Handheld RFID Readers MC3330XR & MC3390XR
RFID Fixed Readers ATR7000 & FX9600
RFID Antennas AN440 & AN480
RFID Printer Encoders ZT600 Series
Certified Supplies (RFID Labels & Tags) With Zebra certified supplies, there’s no trial and error — you get the best labels and tags for your needs right from the start.


RFID will continue to grow across all operations, particularly in inventory management, picking and cross docking.  Discover how to reach a more powerful future and revolutionize your warehouse with painless Zebra RFID technologies.



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