Today’s corporations are bigger and more complex than ever before – which means they need to be highly organized. Whether you work in retail, logistics, transportation, or manufacturing, labeling and organization is one of the most important elements of your job. Not only do you need a label that’s thorough, clear, and readable, but you also need a printer that’s up to the task.

Zebra Technologies’ industrial printers are designed to stand up to the toughest environments. Sturdy and durable, these printers will ensure that your labels are always high-quality and ready to go. No matter what you need to print, these machines are certain to meet your needs.

Industrial Barcode Label Printing

These industrial printers are best suited to tough working environments, from the healthcare field to warehouses and beyond. With their strong design and high productivity rate, these printers will speed up work in your facility and last much longer than other machines. Best of all, these printers come equipped with a user-friendly platform, so workers won’t struggle to complete a print job.

In addition to their excellent design, Zebra’s printers qualify for the Printhead Protection Program – a service that replaces any failed printheads at no extra charge! This program guarantees that customers get high-quality service out of their machines for the length of the printer’s lifetime.


Barcode Labeling

Barcode labeling is an essential part of many industries: retail, healthcare, manufacturing, the list goes on. These industries need labels that are clear, scannable, and durable. These barcode labels are extensively tested and inspected to ensure quality and durability, which helps the barcode last.

Whether a company needs paper labels, barcode tags, dissolvable barcodes, or even the printers and scanners to use them, they can always find high-quality options from Zebra.

RFID On-Metal Printing

For some industries, a standard paper tag or label isn’t enough. These industries – electronics manufacturing, for example – often use RFID (radio-frequency identification) to label their products. RFID requires printing an identification code onto metal, and this requires a special kind of industrial printer.

Zebra Technologies’ on-metal RFID printers are specially designed to ensure excellent print quality and accuracy every time. These printers utilize thicker-than-average metal tags for a highly effective read range and 300 dpi print quality. Workers can print labels in five different sizes to suit their specific product needs, and they can easily upgrade their software to prolong the printer’s life overall.

Custom Supplies That Meet Your Needs

While many workers can benefit from industrial printers in their jobs, no two jobs are exactly alike. Because of this, BCC Distribution and Zebra have partnered together to offer custom solutions, allowing companies to select the ideal products and services for their specific needs. With these industrial printers, you’ll always have the tools you need to make work simple.

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