TranASAP– Optimized RF Barcode Scanning for SAP Applications

At BCC Distribution, we’re dedicated to creating state-of-the-art RF barcode scanning, RFID, and data collection software designed for ease-of-use and for maximum SAP inventory traceability for the warehouse and on the production floor. That’s why we’ve developed TranASAP, a SAP-certified, pre-configured software product for inventory control and tracking. TranASAP optimizes and automates SAP software transactions for RF mobility, barcode scanning, real-time data validation, barcode label printing, voice integration, as well as RFID data collection and integration. Using SAP software and inventory control best practices, TranASAP optimizes SAP mobility and barcode automation to keep your warehouse running smoothly as your team manages inventory and operations with its intuitive design and seamless SAP integration.

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QuickPrint– a Streamlined Barcode Label Printing Solution

QuickPrint is a simple-to-use, turn-key, transactional barcode label design and printing software system solution. We’ve designed it to integrate directly into SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC business systems. BCCD has built QuickPrint to meet simple and complex inventory traceability standards, utilizing enterprise printing best practices. QuickPrint barcode labeling capabilities are designed for SAP-integrated and real-time data validation, automatically generating and efficiently printing linear 1D and/or 2D barcode labels. QuickPrint can also facilitate design and printing of documents, forms, and printing/encoding RFID tags. QuickPrint supports design and printing of Human Readable Text, Barcodes, Batch Data, LOTs and Expiration Dates, Serial Numbers, Handling Units, Storage Units, Label Pallet Numbers, and other unique data required to identify important inventory materials.

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RFID Automation with BCC Distribution

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology provides real-time and fully automated data collection for unmatched accuracy that elevates business systems, devices, tags and worker for many inventory and asset tracking operations. From production floors, to warehouses, to complex distribution center environments, reliable RFID is not only possible, but now practical and well within reach. When supplementing a barcode scanning system, RFID technology has tremendous value and can automate inventory data collection and real-time analytics, especially when integrated with your SAP business system. At BCC Distribution, we provide comprehensive end-to-end RFID solutions essential for successfully incorporating automated data collection technology into nearly any business environment… be it SAP S/4HANA or another ERP system. Done right, barcode scanning and RFID solutions are complementary technologies to streamline and simplify business workflow.

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Voice Data Collection for Picking and Putaway

Supply chain operations managers rely on ERP systems to manage their complete warehouse operations more effectively. 87% of managers in a recent study by Zebra Technologies indicated the need to increase warehouse productivity just to stay competitive. Changes can be slow and costly to implement. Where can an IT Manager or Warehouse Operations Manager turn to within their business to wring out even more speed and productivity from their baseline operations?  BCC Distribution has ready-built and plug-and-play Voice Data Collection solutions to further complement our TranASAP and QuickPrint solutions.

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